new stuff.

some new stuff came out like the new book in the book room and if you tested for CRIP than today you got a red construction helmet.

thats it for now,until next time,waddle on


new news!

today the new news came out and the winners are announst fo the writing contest and igloo contest.
the winners for the writing contest are Lolliepops10, Sammysays and chochypop.the winners for the iglo contest are…

Mazuru,Flyboy101,Ddwaddles,Cashmere5,Ajpipek,Snoflak04039,Cycle22,Georges8899,Doghnut333,and Puffinnboo.

thats it for now,until next time…waddle on.

party newspaper.

srry i havent been posting latly,i lost my wordpress password so i had to get a new one.but in other news the party was extended to may 25.and i give the party five stars out of five***** for the awesome decorations,cool free items and the new other news the new newspaper came out today and its got some cool stuff,get on cp and see for yourself.until next time…waddle on

news paper+catologe

hey guys,the new news came out yesterday and today the new catologe came out with stuff frome the datk ages.thats all for now. until next time…waddle on


hello everybody i have BIG news,a few minuets ago the key to rockhoppers hq was hidden!if you go to the bottom of his ship the door will have a paper on it with a clue…go to the bookroom and read his juornal and in the back is te key.take the key and go back to the ship and then the headquarters will open for you,and its soooo awesome!for the first time in the history of cp you can go in his headquarters….heres a pic!


also theres a new game.its called treasure hunt.

rh arrival party!

today the 2nd annual rockhopper arrival party started!the pin is in the same spot as last year(ski village)srry i dont have any pics,when i log on it keeps saing it cant connect to server.the same free item as last year is back(sailor hat).and theres some pretty cool decorations too.

until next time…waddle on

lots of cool news!

1:rockhopper came to shore today in a speed boat and bruoght back a flower pot(member item)for your igloo and the free item was a red and black striped shirt

2:cp is having an arival party for rh!

3:the new news is out

4:from may 1st to may 8th will be a second writing contest(look at the newspaper for ferther detales)!

check back soon…until next time…waddle on!